Corporate Wellness

Would you like your employees to sleep better, stress less, increase energy, boost productivity and improve their quality of life?

Inadequate sleep is a huge problem globally and has only worsened since the start of the corona virus pandemic. Unfortunately, the repercussions of sleep deprivation extend well beyond just feeling tired the next day. Sleep deprivation results in increased levels of stress and anxiety (which means low employee morale), depressed immunity (which means more sick days), irritability (which affects team work), impaired concentration, decision-making and attention skills (which means more errors), decreased motivation (which means more procrastination) and reduced productivity (which means less completed work)… all of which affects your employees’ efficiency and quality of work. In fact, insomnia results in the loss of 11.3 days of productivity each year, which is the equivalent to $2,280.

If you would like your employees to be well rested, able to manage their stress, have good health and be more productive, then my Corporate Wellness Program is perfect for your organization. My Corporate Wellness Program is customizable to meet your organization’s specific needs and can be delivered either in person, as short talks or webinars (30, 45, 60 mins), workshops (2+ hours) or as a series. Modules include: (1) How to Finally Get Refreshing Sleep, (2) The 10 Day Sleep Challenge; (3) The 7 Day Morning Routine for Success; (4) The 7 Day Stress Less Challenge; (5) Improve Your Sleep, Enhance Your Health: How does a person who’s busy, overwhelmed and not sleeping well eat to improve their health? (6) Mind Over Matter: How to Build Habits for Highly Effective People.

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