Cultivating Gratitude & it’s Many Health Benefits

Grateful for… new friendships… sunshine & fresh air… nature… my health… strength (both physical & mental)… a roof over my head… food on my table… wine & chocolate… new opportunities… family… animals… routine… Spring… blooming flowers… new skills… resilience… laughter… fond memories… connection… freedom (although somewhat limited temporarily)… positivity…

Even though times are a little trying right now (I’m missing the gym & heavy lifting so much!! It protects my inner peace & mental health) and we’re all having to adjust to a “new normal”, there are still a lot of things for which to be grateful… and I think it’s particularly important to reflect on those things. Why? Because gratitude allows us to celebrate the present, blocks toxic & negative emotions that can destroy happiness, promotes resistance to stress & promotes a higher sense of self-worth.

In addition, cultivating gratitude has been linked to numerous other physical, psychological & health benefits, some of which include:-

• PHYSICAL: a stronger immune system, feeling less bothered by aches & pains, lower blood pressure, increased desire to exercise & improve health care, improved sleep & feeling of refreshment upon waking.

• PSYCHOLOGICAL: higher levels of positive emotions, feeling more alert, alive & awake, more joy & pleasure, more optimism & happiness.

• SOCIAL: feeling more helpful, generous & compassionate, more forgiving, more outgoing, feeling less lonely & isolated.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that life is perfect (and it never will be). However, when we look at life as a whole, gratitude encourages us to recognise SOME of the “goodness” in our life (there will always be something good & positive, you just need to look for it) as well as identify WHERE that “goodness” stems from (usually outside ourselves).

So… what are you grateful for?

Ali x