Controlling Your Inputs

Your inputs become your outputs… which is why it is important to CONTROL YOUR INPUTS.

The unprecedented events that have unfolded over the past few months (combined with the media hysteria & sensationalism that has ensued from these events) have instilled feelings of overwhelm, anxiety & depression in many people. In fact, medical experts in the US have reported a staggering 37.7% increase in depression, anxiety & insomnia prescription medications since the pandemic commenced. One of the most effective and underestimated strategies in controlling your mental health (perhaps before resorting to prescription medication not previously required) is controlling your inputs.

Below are a few of the strategies I have been implementing which have helped reduce my exposure to all the media hysteria & sensationalism (such poor journalism in my view) and have helped keep me (mostly) in a good headspace…

  • Be selective with your “news” sources and opt for reputable sources that provide FACTS not opinion. I have found print media best. I receive a daily news email every morning from the Morning Brew.
  • Limit consumption of covid & riot related news (including social media) to 30 minutes per day and don’t leave your television on!
  • Don’t consume any media (both social & mainstream/“news”) within the first hour of waking each morning. The way you begin your day sets the tone for your day.
  • Limit consumption of social media and be selective with who you follow and are influenced by on these platforms.
  • Limit consumption of news, social media and tense conversations in the evening as they can fuel insomnia.
  • Consider taking a social media break. I have done this occasionally (as you may have noticed) and it really makes a positive difference!
  • Follow accounts that promote positivity & goodness. Some of my favourites are: @goodnews_movement @tanksgoodnews @goodnewscountdown @allthingsgoodco (I also follow a LOT of dogs!)
  • Be selective with the people with whom you surround yourself. This is important!
  • Ensure you are consuming a balanced diet, adding a little bit of exercise into your day, catching some sunshine and getting adequate sleep!

These strategies have had a positive impact on me and I hope they can help you too. And remember, bad chapters can create great stories!

Ali x