The Power of Manifestation

Do you envision your goals & dreams every day?

I do. I strongly believe in the power of manifestation (in conjunction with hard work, preparation, discipline, persistence, etc) and I can honestly say that not a single day goes by where I don’t envision my goals & dreams. It’s like this little light inside me that’s always on, flickering away relentlessly in the midst of my heart & mind. And it works too. I write my goals down (both long term & short term), revise & add to them regularly, create “stepping stone goals” (smaller goals that ultimately lead to accomplishing the “big goal”), create, strategise & execute an action plan (I always have a Plan A & a Plan B… sometimes even a Plan C haha – the plan won’t always work so change the plan but never the goal) & I have a vision board. I am always thinking ahead & beyond too.

I also read books and listen to podcasts on mindset & achievement. It’s important to grow your mind too, not just your butt *wink* I work on my mindset every day – usually first thing in the morning as this creates a good, positive headspace, sets a strong foundation & intention for the day ahead & allows me to refocus if needed (i.e. when that little seed of self-doubt likes to plant itself in my mind). I believe it’s important to celebrate the little wins & victories too (and as often as they occur), as they are the stepping stones to achieving the big goal – “Celebrate what you accomplish but raise the bar each time you succeed.”

This applies to ALL aspects of my life too including my academic, career & financial goals, not just my health & fitness goals. Following this approach keeps me accountable, motivated & disciplined (discipline steps in when motivation wanes)… and believe it or not, I have actually followed this approach since I was 13 (long before it became the “cool” thing to do that everybody seems to be doing now), right through high school, law school & present day… It really does work!