My Why. What’s Yours?

“Oh no, you’re not putting on anymore muscle, are you?” … “You don’t want to get any bigger than you are now” … “Wow, you have big quads for a girl” … “Don’t get too lean…” “You’re too focused”… These are some of the remarks I have received in the past few weeks (I have also received many lovely compliments too!). The first remark was actually made by a family member. The third remark was made by some random dude (I’m not usually sassy but I did say to him “If you trained hard, then maybe you would too…”).

A couple of years ago, comments like these would upset me. But they don’t anymore. I’m proud of my “murves”. They represent so much more than just an aesthetically-pleasing physique… They represent… Hard work. They represent discipline. They represent sacrifice. They represent determination. They represent progression. They represent achievement. They represent focus. They represent courage. They represent strength (both mental & physical)… All attributes that assist in other areas of my life & career too.

I love being strong & fit. I love that training provides me with solace in times of stress & sadness. I love setting goals, surpassing them and aspiring towards new & bigger goals. I love my ability to pick myself up and continue on whenever I fall down. I love that I am continually growing & evolving. I love pushing myself beyond my limitations. I love working on my weaknesses and turning them into strengths. I love surrounding myself with people who are better than me, people I can learn from, people who believe in me and genuinely want me to succeed… I love encouraging & supporting others with their endeavours… OH AND I LOVE FOOD TOO! (haha) That is why I train. That is why I compete. I do this for me. It makes me happy. And it’s me against me only.

You don’t have to do what I or others do. You don’t have to go to the gym. You don’t have to be into fitness or compete or build muscle or lose weight or gain weight or have abs and you certainly do not have to be a particular size! And no one should ever make you feel that you have to do or be any of these things! You are amazing just the way you are and you have unlimited potential to achieve incredible things – we all do! So you do you, I’ll do me and together we can make the world a better place… *insert smiley face emoji*